How to Reverse Search Hashtags to Reach Your Instagram Audience

by Emily Retherford

0 min read

When you use a popular Instagram hashtag, you increase the chances that people see your post and potentially draw new followers or customers. To identify hashtags to use, you may want to consider doing a reverse hashtag search.

  1. Make a list of keywords related to your product or fun words you want to target
  2. Type keywords into the Instagram search bar
  3. Look at the number of active posts to determine the popularity of each keyword
  4. Review the list of similar hashtags to generate other ideas
  5. Choose hashtags with lots of activity to reach high-volume audiences
  6. Opt for hashtags with moderate activity for greater visibility
  7. Use your selected hashtags in your Instagram posts
  8. Boost visibility by engaging with commenters or other posts with the same hashtag
  9. Repeat on a regular basis to learn about new hashtags

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