How to Start a Google Plus Page for Your Small Business

by Emily Retherford

0 min read

Much like a Facebook page, a Google Plus business page provides an effective way to promote your business or brand in search engines and on social media. Follow these simple steps to set up a Google Plus business page.

  1. Go to Google Business to create your page. Being logged into your Gmail account lets you bypass the log-in step.
  2. Select the type of page you wish to launch, for example, a local restaurant, product, or brand page. Then, enter your business’ name and web address, and click “Create.”
  3. Customize your Google Business page by clicking on “Edit” and then “Edit Profile.”
  4. Upload your logo and a high-quality image of your products or business premises. You can also add a catchy tagline to attract visitors to your page.
  5. Click “Create a Collection,” which creates subpages on which you can post and promote your marketing content.

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