Use Instagram to Promote Your Hair Styling Business

by Lois Leonard

1 min read

Instagram remains the go-to website for a wide range of consumers – mostly in the millennial age bracket – to find out about trends, hot products and services, and the best shopping deals. More than 8.5 million Canadians use Instagram, which makes the social media website the perfect place to promote your hair styling business. You’ll need a decent-quality camera or smartphone and a few clients who don’t mind you sharing images of their hairstyles to promote and grow your business on Instagram. Instagram users love dramatic before-and-after pictures, so use these to show the full range of your skills. You can also add text to photos, which can be a good way to announce discounts and product sales. You can use mirrors to capture your hairstyles from interesting angles. Before taking photos in your salon workstation or studio, ensure that workspace is tidy, as an untidy space could shift the conversation from your hair-styling skills to your clutter. Hashtags drive Instagram, so using hashtags, such as #colorexpert or #beautifulcurls, and relevant photos is one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients. City and neighborhood hashtags also help find potential clients for your business. Promoting your hair styling business on Instagram should be fun. Share quirky, humorous images and inspirational quotes every so often to show you get what Instagram is all about.

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