Use Social Media to Reach a Forgotten Market

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

Social media marketing helps your business build client relationships. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is more interactive than TV or radio advertising, as you can have actual conversations with people and communicate with them on a personal level.

The downside with social media marketing is that consumers are inundated with it. They see so many promotional posts each day that, often, they scroll right past them by habit, even if the message is something of interest.

One niche market in Canada, however, has been measured as highly responsive to social media marketing. What’s more, surveys indicate this market is vastly underserved, with many businesses committing minimal marketing resources to it or ignoring it altogether.

The market is the French-speaking population of Quebec, a group that is significantly more likely than the population at large to read promotional posts in their entirety and much less predisposed to unfollowing companies that post frequently.

An Underserved Market

More than four of five Quebec residents speak French as their first language, and 95% of Quebec’s population is fluent in French. With such a robust francophone population, it comes as a shock that many businesses – even big, established ones – fail to market to them effectively.

Francophones in Quebec complain that companies neglect to include marketing in French on their social media fan pages, and even when they do reach out to the French-speaking community, they are much slower to respond to comments and complaints in French than in English.

This leaves a vast opening for businesses like yours to come in and take this market seriously. By reaching out to French-speaking Canadians and demonstrating that their business is valuable to you, your company surges ahead of most of its competition.

An Engaged Audience

The receptiveness of Canadian francophones to social media marketing provides another incentive to cater to them. A 2014 study by Headspace Marketing revealed that only 15.5% of non-French speaking Canadians read promotional posts as though they were an update from a friend, while 68.5% of francophone Québécois read them in this manner.

Moreover, francophone Québécois are significantly less likely to unfollow your business for posting too much. Less than 10% of them unfollow brands for this reason, compared to 56.5% of the rest of the Canadian population.

By aiming your content at French speakers, you gain a receptive audience that is much less likely to tire of your posts. It is a win-win situation.

How to Reach Francophones

The big social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, all offer the ability to target campaigns to specific niches. Dedicate some of your marketing to francophone Québécois, and ensure that someone on your team is ready to respond to their concerns and questions with urgency. This is perhaps the biggest complaint they have when describing the halfhearted attempts of other companies to market to them.

An option to consider is creating two fan pages for your business, one in English and one in French. If you go this route, however, don’t make it appear that you value the English page more than the French one.

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