Customer Spotlight: Slingshot

by QuickBooks Canada Team

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The Canadian telco industry is a tough one to crack, but that hasn’t stopped entrepreneur Edwin Frondozo. Edwin’s company Slingshot provides cloud based, voip network services for small and medium sized businesses.  We talked to him about getting started.

Tell us about your first “big win” moment as an entrepreneur.
One of the first “big win” moments that I can remember is walking into a board room of a prospective clients and offering well established brands and “Edwin’s Voice Services” and them saying Yes to the no-name brand at the time for the value that we can provide versus the giants of the industry.

How has QuickBooks helped you grow your business?
Personally, I have been using QuickBooks for over 10 years. I first started using it as an independent consultant. Currently, we are using Quickbooks Premier 2012 and looking to consolidate on the cloud. We use QuickBooks for everything, from accounts banking, invoicing, accounts receivables, filling for taxes (HST) and reporting. QuickBooks is great for basic and custom reports which ensures that we are on top of our business as it is intuitive and easy to use.

Have any advice for someone who is thinking about starting their own business?
My advice to anyone starting out, you got it, just don’t over think it and get out there and sell yourself. Get the “Yes” and deliver what you promised. Take care of your customer and then think of the next one.
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