How to Open a Shopify E-Commerce Store

by Thom Tracy

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Shopify is an e-commerce platform designed to help retailers open online stores quickly. Here is how to launch a Shopify store.

  1. Navigate to Shopify and click “Get Started.”
  2. Enter your email address as your username, create a password, and enter your store name.
  3. Click “Create Store.”
  4. Enter your complete address information for payment purposes.
  5. Input your domain name if you have one. You can also buy a domain name from Shopify for an additional cost.
  6. Answer a short Shopify questionnaire and then click “Enter My Store.”
  7. Click “Add a Product” to enter product names, descriptions, images, prices, and other inventory information.
  8. Select “Themes” to choose a free or paid theme for your store.

You can also write blog posts and add pages for various types of merchandise in Shopify’s user interface.

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