How to List Freelance Qualifications and Experience on Your Resume

by Danielle Bloom

0 min read

Freelancing contractors should always be looking for more work, and that means having a solid resume. To describe your past freelancing work on your resume, it’s a good idea to do the following:

  • Have a clear title. Make certain you represent yourself exactly as you want to be perceived. Take the time to perfect the description of your expertise.

  • List about six to 12 skills related to your title, in order of your proficiency.

  • Create bullet points for about six examples of your best and most recent work, quantifying as much as possible. As an example: “Developed a social network-based mobile game for Company XYZ in 12 weeks, three weeks under schedule and $4,000 under budget.”

  • Repeat these steps for all relevant skills sets. For example, you may have one section on graphic design skills, another on programming skills and another on technical writing.

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