Three Great Audio Recording Apps to Keep You Organized

by Beth Rifkin

2 min read

Voice recording apps are useful tools for small business owners. They record your important thoughts and calls so you can easily access them when you’re near pen and paper. They are particularly useful if your best business revelations come to you at inconvenient times like when you’re driving or on a hike. Or, if you’ve ever taken less-than-par notes on key client calls and wished you would have recorded it.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record coins itself as a one-tap recording app compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for iOS and OS X. Users touch the microphone icon and it instantly begins recording, and recordings automatically sync via iCloud for later access. The simply-designed app is around $5 on the App Store. The reason it’s worth the money is because of the audio transcription service it provides in a few different languages. A few cons to the app is that you can’t slide-to-delete recordings like on many apps, you can’t edit recordings, and there’s no great way to organize the files once they’ve recorded. Another downside is that it’s solely for Apple users.

Cogi Voice and Notes Recorder

Cogi is one of the leading voice record apps for Android and Apple users. Instead of recording full meetings, Cogi only records what is important. Once you start a session the app listens to the conversation but doesn’t actively record until you signal it. Similar to how you might only write down the important parts of a lecture or meeting when taking notes by hand, when you get to the important sections of your meeting, you click the highlight button in the open app and Cogi automatically goes back 15 seconds in time to record and capture exactly what you need and it keeps recording until you push the button again. One downside is that the app stops listening if the screen shuts off or if you want to access another app during the meeting or call. The basic app is free, but there are a few premium additions available, such as transcription and extra storage.


AudioNote combines an audio function to your note taking that’s compatible with Android and Apple products. The audio recording syncs with the notes you’re taking, so if you need to recall more details about a particular point in your notes, or if you missed something important during a meeting or from a call, you access the recording from the specific section of your notes. It also syncs across devices so you can easily send from your phone to your computer or tablet. It’s one of the most expensive apps on the market (around $15), which is a downside. It also doesn’t offer transcription of audio. Maximize your efficiency and success in meetings, on calls and in capturing important fleeting thoughts with these three apps: Just Press Record, Cogi Voice and Notes Recorder, and AudioNote. There’s many other voice recording apps on the market for android and iPhone, if there’s a specific feature you need.

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