How to Successfully Market Your Crafts

by Beth Rifkin

2 min read

Whether you have an Etsy store or prefer selling your crafts at local expos and shows, a huge part of your business success as a crafts’ seller comes down to proper marketing strategy. From writing product descriptions to creating the perfect expo display, the art of marketing your crafts takes some practice to perfect.


If you sell your crafts online, make sure your photography offers a great first impression to potential customers. High-quality professional product photos that depict your crafts in their best light capture the most interest, and today’s technology makes it simple enough to take good photos on your own. Here are some tips:

  • Invest in a DSLR camera. These cameras work well for product photography because of their versatility, which gives you options to swap out lenses and tweak settings for each photo type.
  • Choose a macro lens for detailed close-ups, especially for small items such as jewellery.
  • Build your own light box to control light, shadows and exposure.
  • Make sure to white balance your photos properly using free apps such as The GIMP or paid products such as Photoshop.

Product Descriptions

After photos, your potential customers see product descriptions next. Use accepted copywriting standards to craft product descriptions that sell your items by describing features and benefits. Potential customers want to know how buying your crafts can enhance their lives, and product descriptions offer an ideal way to communicate how buying your hand-felted wool hats infuses their daily style with unique flair or how your coconut-soy hand-poured candles help create a specific home mood with their enticing fragrances.

In-Store Sales

Maximise exposure and grow your brand by getting your products into local stores. If you already have an online market for your crafts, then you can leverage that market when you approach local shop owners concerning shelf space for your items. Some tips for a successful approach include:

  • Bring sample products. Seeing your hand-poured candles in person shows store owners you have quality products.
  • Revamp your packaging. Make sure your crafts have professional packaging with a strong sense of branding.
  • Create a wholesale price list. Show the store owner all the variations of your product, including scent or colour choices, and have prices ready for each item.
  • Streamline your order process. Make it simple for store owners to stock their shelves with your crafts using paper order forms or an online website.

Fairs & Expos

Expos, fairs and craft shows provide excellent opportunities to showcase your crafts to a pre-curated market of customers who already want to buy crafts in your niche. The biggest challenge at these venues comes down to drawing customers to your table when surrounded by competition. A few tips include: *Create the right display. Use clip strips and racks to display hanging items for the best visibility, and stack freestanding crafts on shelves. *Be available for questions. Greet customers who stop by your booth and offer information about your crafts to anyone interested. *Have clearly-marked prices. Customers may pass by unmarked items instead of asking about prices, so have all pricing information boldly marked for visibility. The right marketing approach helps get your craft sales off on the right foot, so make sure you take the steps you need to ensure success.

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