How to Adjust Sales Tax Liability in QuickBooks Online

by Craig Anthony

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There are times when you need to adjust your sales tax liability for GST/HST, such as when a customer fails to pay and you need to get a refund of some of the remitted sales tax. You can adjust the sales tax liability in QuickBooks Online by following these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, click Taxes and select Sales Tax.

  2. Click Prepare Return.

  3. Locate the line of sales tax you want to change and click Adjust.

  4. Select an Adjustment Date and Tax Rate.

  5. Based on your circumstance, select either an income account or an expense account in the Adjustment Account drop-down list.

  6. Enter the adjustment amount in the Amount section.

  7. You can enter a short description of the adjustment in the memo field if you want.

  8. Click the Save button to save the adjustment.

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