It’s T4 time again

by Craig Anthony

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T4 slips, while important, can be a daunting annual task but as a QuickBooks Payroll subscriber, it is a whole lot simpler. The following is a list of information and resources to help make it even easier.

By February 28th, you must create and distribute your T4 slips to your employees and file them with the CRA.

  • Before you create your T4 slips, check that you have correctly entered the employee’s name, address and Social Insurance Number.

Emailing or Printing T4 slips

  • QuickBooks allows you to email your employees their T4s, saving on time and resources. The T4 attachment is password protected to help ensure that only you and the employee have access. If you prefer printed T4s, you can print them with QuickBooks – no preprinted government forms required.

EFILE T4 slips to the CRA

  • QuickBooks Payroll makes it easy to file T4s electronically to the CRA. You’ll receive electronic confirmation from the CRA, have faster processing, and save on mailing costs.
  • To EFILE your T4 slips, you’ll need:

o    Your Business Number

o    A Web Access Code. If you do not have one, visit:

o    A transmitter number or MM number

If it is your first time using EFILE to submit your T4s, use the transmitter number MM 555555. Once you’ve completed your first submission, the CRA will send you a unique transmitter number to EFILE with in the future.

T4 Helpful Links:

Relevant Resources:

We hope these tips have been helpful. For additional common T4 questions click here. Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Payroll to help you with this important area of your business. We wish you all the best of success in 2015.


QuickBooks Payroll Team

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