Let Your Clients Know About the CRA’s Tax Information Phone Service

by Craig Anthony

1 min read

If you have personal clients, you may want to tell them about the Canada Revenue Agency’s Tax Information Phone Service. This free service helps individuals obtain information on a variety of tax issues. As of 2017, the phone number is 1-800-267-6999, and you can give this number to your clients or even use it for your personal tax questions.Through TIPS, individuals can get information on the amount of their tax refunds and when the refunds are expected to arrive. They can also find out about Canada child benefits and GST/HST tax credits.If you have clients who want to maximize their retirement plan contributions, they may want to use this number to find out their annual contribution allowance for their registered retirement savings accounts. Individuals can also request remittance vouchers and proof of income statements through TIPS.Before they call, your clients need their Social Insurance Number, date of birth, and the total income entered on line 150 of one of their previous two years of returns. The service uses that information to verify their identity.TIPS is not designed for businesses, and as a bookkeeper or accountant, you cannot call this number on behalf of your clients. If you need to access information on behalf of your clients, you may want to use the CRA’s Represent a Client online portal, and if your business clients want to access their own information, they may want to check out My Business Account.TIPS can be a useful resource for basic questions on benefits or tax refunds. You may want to keep this number handy so you can refer individual clients as needed.

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