4 Software Solutions for Disabled Business Owners and Employees

by J.B. Maverick

2 min read

Accessibility to technology is important for your small business. If you or one of your employees suffers from a disability, it’s imperative to have the tools necessary to help complete all of their responsibilities on the job. It’s also your legal responsibility as an employer to accommodate any worker with a disability. A variety of software solutions make working with technology completely feasible for workers with disabilities.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is widely recognized as one of the best voice-to-text conversion programs. This software enables you to create documents by speaking instead of typing. You can also issue editing commands without complication. Dragon makes it easy for you to give voice instructions to perform a number of tasks including launching your internet browser and accessing specific websites. Other voice-recognition applications in the Dragon line accommodate your specific business needs. All of the apps recognize voices with varied or heavy accents.


Proloquo2Go, which is designed for workers with speech impairments, reads aloud typed thoughts on behalf of these individuals. This unique app is a fraction of the cost of the large hardware devices commonly used for the same purpose. It uses an instinctive sentence construction system that is based on icons, which makes it easy for workers to express basic thoughts. WIth Proloquo2Go, you can create and store custom commands and commonly used sentences that the app can then speak aloud.

NoHands Mouse

NoHands Mouse is a mouse substitute that uses foot pedals to control mouse movement and clicking, with one pedal responsible for moving the cursor and the other for selecting. Similar substitutes have been available for a while for sufferers of extreme carpal tunnel syndrome and other disabilities affecting hand usage. NoHands is a redesign of the classic foot pedal system, designed for operation by a variety of foot and movement types. NoHands’ foot pedals are not bulky rectangular blocks, but are instead free-moving, oval-shaped pedals with a super-sensitive thin platform that can sense a full range of movement and various amounts of pressure. This sensitivity, combined with the fact that NoHands’ pedals can be adjusted for the maximum amount of efficiency and comfort of each user, makes NoHands an ideal tool for you or an employee who can’t use a computer with their hands.

BigKeys LX

For many workers with visual difficulties, a redesigned keyboard is all that’s necessary to enable them to operate a computer with maximum efficiency. The BigKeys LX keyboard is a replacement for standard keyboards. It comes with keys that are 1-inch square, four times the size of standard keys, making them easier for workers with visual or hand-eye coordination disabilities to identify and use. The layout of the keyboard is also atypical. While both QWERTY and ABC layouts are available, a number of special characters and keys are located to the side of the board. The BigKeys LX board can be ordered with white, black, yellow or multicolored keys to suit your preference in making keys easier to identify and use. As a small business owner, tools are readily available to assist you or your employees with disabilities to gain access to computing. Providing your employees with the means to use a computer is well worth the investment in a little extra hardware or software.

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