4 Technology Trends for Accountants

by Sean Ross

2 min read

Technology is changing the game for today’s accountants and bookkeepers, allowing you to spend less time on logging spreadsheets of information, less waiting, and spend more time providing solutions for your clients. The cloud and other technology platforms have made it easier to do a better job. Embracing today’s accounting software and technology will improve your accuracy, keep you competitive, and make your life easier.

Cloud-Based Real-Time Data Accounting Software

Real-time data reports are necessary at the click of a few buttons, to help accountants make knowledgeable assumptions based on the most up-to-date data. Software that automatically sync and store data between systems is increasingly commonplace. In 2016, Capterra’s research indicated that four in 10 accountants were already working in the cloud.Now that it’s normal to bank from your mobile phone and make hardware store purchases using an app, accountants who aren’t on the cloud are risking losing today’s data-seeking digital clients. Cloud-based accounting software for accountants, like QuickBooks, has many benefits. Accessing and working with up-to-date client records from any device, anywhere, is a better way to connect with clients and their data securely. Now is the time to move to the cloud if you haven’t already.

Remote Control Sessions

Remote access software – like LogMeIn or Showmypc – means you can access your client’s computer network, data, and programs from anywhere without having to go to their office. Logging into your clients’ computers from yours can help you solve problems for your clients and provides more efficient service for clients who need accounting solutions quickly. The software uses authentication and credentials to connect and control the information, saving you or your clients a trip.

Full-Service Payroll

Using payroll software – like QuickBooks Inhouse Payroll – has more benefits for accountants beyond what traditional payroll practices offer. Great payroll technology helps you automatically copy paycheque data from each employee and allows you to process tax forms quickly by auto-filling signatures and contact information. It also generates payroll reports (like expenses by employee and payroll expenses analytics), which helps you help your clients understand details of their payroll processes, accurately file their taxes, and make you more efficient.

Online Scheduling Tools

Using an online scheduling software like Squareup allows your clients to see when you’re available and easily book appointments from online, without all the effort on your part. This software works with your calendar and even allows for text and email reminders. You and your clients can access this information from a variety of devices and even sync it to your website to make it even easier for clients to setup appointments.Today’s technology can automate your processes, make you more efficient and accurate, eliminate the amount of busy work in your day, and allow you to provide even more customer support and satisfaction for your clients. Embrace it to become an even better accountant today.

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