Artificial Intelligence for Freelancers

by J.B. Maverick

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Artificial intelligence is widely used throughout the business world, but as an independant freelancer, you may not have considered AI useful or even accessible. AI tools could be the ideal way to help you work more efficiently and ultimately become more financially successful. There are a variety of AI tools, both currently on the market and in development, that can help you more efficiently tackle freelance work.

The Upside of AI

Artificial intelligence is continually shaping how business is conducted and can have a variety of positive effects on your freelance operations. AI can make it easier for you to find the materials, tools, and items you need to work. The AI field is also rapidly making it much easier to tailor the job you do to each of your individual clients, making the experience they have and the service you provide a truly personalized one. That can help you build stronger relationships with your customers and encourage them to send more business your way. The true benefits of AI are easiest to recognize when you look at specific tools and how they can shape the way you work.


Chatbots are a great AI tool to help make your customers’ online experiences more personal and ultimately help you increase your sales or purchase orders. Basically, a chatbot is an intelligent robot that communicates with online customers on your behalf. Chatbots are ideal if you do most or all your work and sales over the internet. For example, a chatbot can pop up when a customer enters your website, asking the customer if they need assistance, or if they have a question or concern. Once the customer enters a response, the chatbot draws from its stored intelligence – meaning its knowledge of your site, products, and questions that have been previously asked – to provide an educated and helpful response. This allows the customer to get the answers they need quickly so they can spend more time shopping and do it more efficiently. It also saves you time and money by allowing you to continue working without stopping to help every customer that has a question.


The makers of Gmail’s Boomerang, a tool that lets you schedule time-sensitive emails, created AI tool Respondable specifically to help freelancers write better emails. As a freelancer, you may be fairly used to having your business-pitch emails ignored. Respondable helps combat this by improving the content and quality of your emails to help you get increasingly favourable responses. Respondable uses information collected from millions of similar emails as its stored intelligence, then draws from this bank of knowledge to improve your emails as you write them. Respondable basically gives each email a score based on a variety of aspects, including word count, if the language you use is positive and polite, how well you stick to the subject, and several other factors. As you make changes to your message, you get a real-time response rate calculator letting you know how your emails are improving in terms of the likelihood of you receiving a response. AI may not immediately appear as a useful work tool for you as a freelancer, but if you take the time to check out available AI programs, you may find that your freelance business can benefit significantly by letting AI do some of your work for you.

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