Three Top Technology Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know

by Ellen Connolly

2 min read

Whether it’s cloud computing, accounting software or clever time-saving apps, the range of technologies available to small business owners continues to evolve. Here are our top tips for 2016.

Accounting Solutions

A leader in online accounting software, QuickBooks is used by more than 1.5 million small businesses worldwide. Manage payroll, send invoices and safely and securely integrate your business bank account with the software. Available on desktop as well as on mobile, QuickBooks provides a real-time snapshot of the financial health of your company, including information on expenses and cash flow. Being away from the office is no longer an obstacle for aspiring entrepreneurs, thanks to the increasingly popular QuickBooks mobile app. It enables business owners to send invoices, record expenses and check budgets from anywhere.

The Rise of the Cloud

The cloud continues to revolutionize the way many businesses operate. Cloud-based practice management software allows companies to store, access and manage data remotely. It also encourages collaboration, as employees and clients can access information from anywhere and share vital information more easily. Box is one of the most secure apps to store and share files in the cloud. Small business employers and their employees can instantly and securely share, sync and collaborate with the app for their business needs.

Apps to Streamline Small Business

There is a vast selection of apps to cater for the needs of small business owners. To keep track of expenses, monitor cash flow and spend less time on tedious administrative work, you should be using small business apps.

Here are some of the top apps used by small businesses to keep track of employees, monitor cash flow and manage meetings on the go:

  • EasilyDo: This app is like your virtual online assistant. It connects your apps and services including your email, calendar and social networks, allowing you to manage your business and personal tasks on the move. It checks traffic so you know when to leave for a meeting, identifies emails you haven’t answered and notifies you immediately if your flight is delayed.
  •  Meeting Pad: If much of your time is spent hopping from one meeting to the next, this is for you. The free app imports your meetings from your calendar, manages attendees, records audio and allows you to attach documents.
  •  Method:CRM: Quick and easy to set up, this app offers all the features a small company would need to keep its diaries and to-do lists in check, keep client records and tasks in one place, and streamline and track sales processes. The platform seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks Online so you won’t be entering data twice.
  •  Fathom: Want to track how well your business is performing? Fathom analyzes numerous KPIs to gauge performance. The app produces reports and creates visuals to give you a clear insight into how much revenue your sales team is generating for the company. Cost: $39–$280 per month.

By using accounting software and employing time-saving and management apps, you can streamline much of your small business’s administrative tasks, providing more time to focus on making a profit and building your business. For more information on the variety of apps available, visit the QuickBooks app store.

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