What is an Excel Macro?

by Craig Anthony

1 min read

Within Microsoft Excel, a macro is a popular spreadsheet software. A macro is a set of programming instructions used to automate repetitive tasks. Excel macros and complete a variety of tasks. Common tasks associated with macros include:

  • Complex formatting tasks based on value ranges and scaled color schemes
  • Adding or removing columns, rows, or entire worksheets based on specific logic
  • Protecting and unprotecting worksheets based on specific logic
  • Adding sheets of data based on other data and formulas

Macros can be created by either recording or programming. Recording a macro involves manually walking the spreadsheet through the set of steps you want to complete. Programming is done inside the macro editor and involves typing in the lines of code required to complete the macro. Programming macros involves using the Visual Basic for Applications programming language. You can gain a lot from using Excel macros in your business. For example, you can take any repetitive spreadsheet-related task, write a macro for it, and from that point on, the task will only consist of clicking a button or two. Within seconds, you can check the output and save yourself lots of work. Automating many tasks like this can free up work hours, which you can use on more important business development tasks. Macros may also result in the ability to have fewer employees, meaning more bottom-line profit for you.

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