Incorporating Online Timesheets

by Thom Tracy

1 min read

Online timesheets allow your employees to track their hours electronically. Depending on the program or app you choose, employees may key in hours manually, sign in on an in-house computer, or use an app to clock in remotely. There are also timesheet programs that allow your employees to enter expenses, track mileage, and assign their hours to specific projects or clients. Regardless of the exact program you select, online timesheets save time for your human resources and accounting departments. Rather than manually entering information from paper timesheets, these employees simply need to review the electronic timesheets and use the information to cut payroll cheques. This process also reduces data entry mistakes. Additionally, online timesheets save all the information entered by your employees. If there is ever a dispute about hours, you simply need to turn to the audit trails of the timesheet program. The detailed documentation can also be useful at tax time. To maximize the potential of your online timesheets, you should look into programs that sync with your accounting software. For example, TSheets Time Tracking syncs with QuickBooks Desktop, Online, Online Plus, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. When you can sync information from your online timesheets to your accounting software with a single click, that simplifies and saves time with payroll and job costing.

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