Track Time Automatically When You Work With Freelancers

by Thom Tracy

0 min read

Whether you’re hiring a remote team to create your new website or subcontracting freelance electricians for construction projects, consider implementing a time-tracking app to simplify the billing process. Programs that automatically track time are ideal when you’re working with computer-based freelancers.

  • Timely lets you schedule regular screenshots of remote workstations, and it automatically detects idle computers for accurate timekeeping, but automatic trackers like Timely do not always integrate with your bookkeeping or accounting program.

  • Other apps, such as TSheets and Time Tracker, allow team members to track their own time and projects from their computer or mobile device, and integrate with QuickBooks to simplify invoicing and payroll management.

These apps are versatile tools for remote and freelance workers of all types, as well as in-house employees.

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