Another Great App for QBO: Cloud Cart Connector

by QuickBooks Canada Team

0 min read

Want to connect your order management and mobile point of sale solution to QuickBooks? Now you can, thanks to our newest App partner, Cloud Cart Connector. Welcome!

Having your customer, inventory, product and order data where and when you need it is business critical today. Taking an order on your POS? Cloud Cart Connector is the middleware that sync orders automatically between QBO and your order management system. Cloud Cart Connector is originally from the US, but works with Canadian tax codes and supports multi-currency if you do business overseas.

QBO customers have access to a seven-day free trial that will let you sync up to 500 orders.

Want to try it? Cloud Cart Connector is offering QBO customers a seven-day free trial that will let you sync up to 500 orders. Cloud Cart Connector has an online demo and other information available on its website.

Don’t forget to check out our add-ons page for the full list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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