QuickBooks Update: February 26, 2015

by QuickBooks Canada Team

2 min read

Our second February update includes these fixes/improvements:
Specify a bank feed rule transaction type. We added this based on your feedback, especially for transfers: if you have a regular transfer between two accounts, create a rule to save time. Transactions > Banking > ▼ to the right of Update > Manage rules > New rule.

Reorder bank feed rules1. Because rules are applied in numerical order, and you can apply only one rule per transaction, reordering lets you easily control which rules to apply.  Drag in the leftmost column to reorder. Transactions > Banking > ▼ to the right of Update > Manage rules.

Here’s an example:

  • Rule 1: Categorize all transactions under $10 as Miscellaneous Expenses.
  • Rule 2: Categorize all Starbucks transactions as Meals & Entertainment.

In the case of a $5 Starbucks transaction, only Rule 1 is applied.

Updated chart of accounts numbering. To enable and show chart of account numbering, go to Gear > Company Settings > Advanced > Chart of accounts. Select both  Enable account numbers and Use account numbers, and then click Save. Another benefit: you can then search for an account by its number!

Then on the Chart of Accounts page (Gear > Chart of Accounts), you can show/hide the Number column by clicking the  gear above the table. To batch edit account numbers, click the  pencil icon.

View customer statements. Customers > click a customer in the list > filter type by  Statements.

Sort the Products and Services list by column2. If you sort by the Name column, you’ll see sub-items in  outline view; if you sort by other columns, sub-items appear in  flat view.

Add custom reports to your management reports packages. Any custom reports3 you’ve created will appear in the  Reports section, ready to add. Reports > Management Reports > click Edit in the Action column > click Reports in the left column.

Delete custom form styles4. You can now delete custom form styles you no longer use. Gear > Custom Form Styles > Action column >  Delete.

Print lists the way you sort them. For example, if you go to Transactions > Expenses, sort by the Payee column, and click Print, the list will print in that order.


  1. Here are the basics of bank rules.
  2. Here’s how to memorize a custom report.
  3. Don’t see these improvements? It’s because two versions of sales form customization currently exist, and you may have the older version. Everyone will get the new version soon, thanks for your patience!
  4. Want to try these updates using sample data? Check out the QuickBooks test drive.
  5. Missed any recent QuickBooks Online updates? See our updates archive.
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