QuickBooks Update: November 2014

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

Our November QuickBooks update is a big one!

Major changes:

  • Home page tasks. Know at a glance if you have sales transactions in your print and send queues, checks you need to print, payments you need to deposit, and recurring transactions you need to act on, right on the home page!
  • Customers split view. Easily navigate between customers! Click Customers in the left navbar.
  • Redesigned settings for everyone. If you used to see  old preferences, now you’ll see  new settings. It’s cleaner and easier to read! Gear > Company Settings.

Bank feed changes:

  • Import/export bank rules1. Export bank rules to an .xls file, and then import them to other QuickBooks companies. Choose which rules to import, and easily set up vendors and accounts in the destination company to support the new rules. This is convenient if you manage multiple companies, like accountants do! Transactions > Banking > ▼ to the right of Update > Manage rules > ▼ to the right of New rule >  Import/Export rules.
  • Match transactions filtering. When you click a transaction and select Find match, the Match transactions window lets you filter transactions by type. Transactions > Banking > click a transaction > Find match >  Show.
  • Partially match invoices. For example, a $237 deposit can fully or  partially match multiple open invoices. Transactions > Banking > click a transaction > Find match.
  • Beta support of new banks. Connect to Tangerine, and ATB. Note you may encounter issues during this testing phase. Transactions > Banking > Add account.

Other changes:

  • View recurring templates from customer page. Filter transactions by a customer’s recurring templates. Customers > click a customer > Filter > Type >  Recurring Templates.
  • Print blank table lines2. When you group items on a sales form by adding blank lines between items, these blank lines now appear on printouts. Create (+) > Invoice.
  • More enhanced lists. The following lists have been refreshed with enhanced list features: Chart of Accounts, Recurring Transactions, Products and Services, Locations, Payment Methods, Terms, and Classes. Gear > All Lists.
  • Transactions > Chart of Accounts replaces Transactions > Registers, with improved accessibility.
  • Create (+) > Payroll replaces Create (+) > Paycheck.


  1. If you missed it, here are bank rule basics.
  2. To print blank table lines, turn off service dates and group activity first.
  3. Want to try these updates using sample data? Check out the QuickBooks test drive.

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