QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Robust Reports

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

Full suite ahead. Before stepping up to QuickBooks Enterprise Solu­tions from QuickBooks Pro, Chris Greenwood, finance and operations manager at FOTENN Planning & Urban Design, says he would some­times “hit a wall” with respect to certain accounting functions or re­ports. “We upgraded to QuickBooks Enterprise to get the full suite of functionality.”

A market leader in urban planning and design in Ottawa with a second office in Kingston, FOTENN requires an accounting solution that can keep up with its complex needs.

“Everything is more robust in Enterprise,” says Greenwood, who manages the firm’s finances, operational processes, and business strategy planning.

No more walls. Greenwood manages the books for FOTENN’s five related companies. “The ability to remain logged in to the primary operating entity while creating offsetting inter-company entries, often side-by-side, is invaluable, and virtually eliminates data-entry errors,” he says. “There are few barriers to managing data efficiently in QuickBooks Enterprise.”

In the short time it took for Greenwood to get up to speed in Quick­Books Enterprise, he created a suite of reports he runs monthly. Report generation takes a fraction of the time it used to—minutes in QuickBooks Enterprise versus hours with the previous manual process. “Once the reports are configured properly, they’re set it and forget it,” Greenwood says, which gives him more time to focus on managing and analyzing financial data.

“The extra functionality, customizability, and efficiencies in Quick­Books Enterprise are well worth it,” Greenwood says. “I can’t see why any company would not be on Enterprise out of the gate.”

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