Save Time and Money Using Receipt Bank With QuickBooks Online

by QuickBooks Canada Team

0 min read

With Receipt Bank you can avoid losing money in unclaimed expenses, such as lost receipts and invoices. To expense that coffee just snap a photo of the receipt on the Receipt Bank app to get the data in your Receipt Bank account. If you have suppliers’ invoices flooding your inbox get them sent to a Receipt Bank email address where the data is extracted for you. There are numerous submission methods including DropBox – you can choose what’s best for your business!

You’ll see your financial data quickly, as all submitted items are processed within 24 hours, with many processed even faster. This means you can make business decisions based on a constant flow of financial data. Receipt Bank makes life even easier as your expenses can be published directly across to QuickBooks Online and even the publishing process can be automated, saving you even more time!

Receipt Bank reduces time spent on data entry leaving you free for what really matters: focusing on growing your business! Take the first step on your Receipt Bank journey by contacting and their Welcome Team will get you started!

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