Track it all the way to the bank – TSheets for QBO is here!

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

I can’t help but get excited about this one. TSheets for QBO has arrived! These guys are the #1 most employee-requested time tracker. If that isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is. For employers, getting your employees’ time on the books is money in the bank. And from the employee side, inputting time sheet data was a horrible experience in the pre-cloud accounting era. (Seriously, it was almost worth skipping the weekend to avoid it.)

TSheets is great because it lets you input time from a computer, mobile phone or tablet with text, dial-in, and even GPS-enabled apps for on-the-go employees. Once their time’s in, you can run payroll, billing and invoices against time tracked, and gain business insights with real-time job costing.

TSheets seamlessly syncs customers, jobs, classes, service items, and employees from QBO to TSheets. Once you’ve tracked time with TSheets, approve and sync it into QBO with one click. TSheets will only export timesheets data  – no other data is imported into or modified within QBO. Once your timesheet data is synced, you can use your favourite QBO tools to run payroll, calculate job costing, create invoices and more, for payroll that’s done in minutes.

Want to learn more? Visit TSheets for the whole story!

Want to give TSheets a try?

QBO users can have a 14-day free trial. Sign up for free trial, fall in love and then save 75% off your first 2 months with code QBC14.

Don’t forget to check out our add-ons page for the full list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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