What the QuickBooks Online Integration With Shopify Means for Your Retail Businesses

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

Retail is no longer bound by physical space, consumers are shopping on the go at the touch of a button (or screen), and Canadian entrepreneurs are responding to this shift by shaping, or re-shaping, their businesses around this borderless retail experience.

A 2015 Intuit SMB App Study revealed more than half of small business owners in Canada are currently using a variety apps to run their companies and continually shifting their business model, and ultimately their livelihood, on seamless cloud and mobile functionality. Accordingly, small business retailers who receive cloud-based orders are looking for the best applications to help run their business, whether it’s accounting software, point of sale, inventory or e-commerce – with deep integrations between these apps.

Having heard this from our customers, we’re very proud to share our partnership and integration of Shopify into our QuickBooks Online app ecosystem.

With the Shopify-QuickBooks Online integration, you can transfer your revenue, tax, product and customer information automatically. You can also monitor and adjust business transactions in real time and create key reports (think cash flow and balance sheets) in just one click. But most importantly, it eliminates the need for manual reconciliation, since it accurately imports your sales transactions.

You’ll also receive access to new and robust networks. The QuickBooks Online ecosystem now connects the 200,000+ Shopify merchants to a global base of small business owners and over 130 small business apps available for QuickBooks Online in Canada. So while you’re managing all aspects of the business in one place, you’re also getting on-demand access to key financial insights wherever they happen to be.

This is an exciting partnership for us because we truly believe that cultivating holistic, integrated and personalized financial management for small businesses is critical to fueling entrepreneurial success in Canada. Regardless of your level of bookkeeping expertise, we love being able to bring the tools needed to handle all accounting needs. Bottom line, these are truly exciting times for small businesses – the cloud is changing how business can be done and is being done.

We’d love to hear from you and what you think about this new partnership, so please check it to learn more about the Shopify-QuickBooks Online integration.

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