You Get What You Pay for: Why You Need a Premium WordPress Theme

by Lois Leonard

2 min read

There are thousands of free WordPress themes that you can download, but if you want a professional-looking and functioning business website, you may want to opt for a premium theme instead. Premium themes cost money to be used – usually anywhere from $50 to $200. The premium themes are usually built by professional web designers, which can mean better functionality, security, and support than themes that are available for free.

Premium Functionality

A premium WordPress theme has superior quality compared to a free theme. A higher-quality theme will likely mean better functionality of your website, which can mean the difference between making a sale and losing a customer. A clunky site can cause a frustrating experience for the user. Customers expect a business site to load quickly, be easy to navigate, and have properly working features.

It is also important to have your site function properly on all of the major Internet browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Don’t forget mobile devices; many people shop and look for professional services on their smartphones and tablets, so check the theme to make sure it is mobile-friendly.

Ease of Formatting

You may be able to get away with a free WordPress theme if you plan to keep the theme exactly as it is. However, if you want to customize the theme or change around some of the features, you need the premium service instead. Many premium themes are designed with an intuitive user interface, which lets you easily alter the look, feel, navigation, and functionality. You can make your website your own and have it work according to your specific business needs.

Site Security

If you’re concerned about security for your business website, then a premium theme will be a safer option than a free theme. Most free WordPress themes are safe, but there are some that may contain malicious code, hacking vulnerabilities, and infected malware links. Google penalizes the ranking of websites and blogs that contain such vicious components.

Choosing a premium theme can help you to avoid these problems. If you decide to go with a free theme, protect yourself by using one from the official WordPress theme database. There are over 2,000 themes to choose from, and each one is fully tested for safety.

With any theme, take precautions to safeguard your site. Contact the theme company’s support department and ask a few questions to make sure they are responsive. Also, read the reviews of the theme and see what others had to say – heed the warnings if most users were unhappy.

Customer Support

Another advantage of premium themes is that they come with support. If you have a problem with a free theme, your only choice of assistance is to search the internet for an answer. However, most companies that sell premium themes offer support on use, functionality, and customization. This solves problems in a timely manner, which is important when you’re running your own small business. If your website is down or not functioning properly, it could lead to lost sales or disgruntled customers.

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