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New to QuickBooks Upgraded from QuickBooks Desktop



Let us show you the way!
New to QuickBooks? Our QuickGuides will take you step-by-step through some of the most popular QuickBooks Online features. If you are making the move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, click here for resources that will help you make the transition.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Download the mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play.
  • Add customers.
  • Create invoices.

This compiled list will help you get familiar with key terms that can assist you with managing your finances.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Add users to your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Restrict user access to certain tasks and functions.
  • Invite up to 2 accounting professionals to access your account.

This QuickGuide includes:

  • Entering basic company information.
  • Choosing your industry.
  • Setting up or importing a chart of accounts.

This QuickGuide will cover the essentials you need to know to take advantage of this time saving feature:

  • How to link your bank accounts and credit cards to QuickBooks Online.
  • Categorizing transactions so they are assigned to the proper income and expense categories.
  • Editing and accepting downloaded transactions.
  • Reconciling QuickBooks Online to your bank accounts.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Add new customers.
  • Add suppliers.
  • Import data from Excel.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Enter an inventory record, including quantities on hand, cost, and selling price.
  • Create a sales receipt.

This QuickGuide will lead you through the steps for:

  • Selecting the supplier you want to pay.
  • Selecting the bank account or adding a new one.
  • Printing the cheque.
  • Reviewing expenses.

This QuickGuide will help you make the most of this feature by showing you how to:

  • Create an estimate or invoice.
  • Manage invoices, including recording payments.
  • Customize invoices with your company logo and preferred fonts.
  • Save time by creating recurring invoices.

This QuickGuide will help you:

  • Set up basic tax information, including calculation method and filing frequency.
  • Connect to the appropriate revenue agency.
  • Review rates and other settings.

This QuickGuide will provide an overview of reporting and show you how to:

  • Run a report.
  • Customize the content of a report.
  • Export a report to Excel for further analysis.

After creating an invoice, it’s simple to receive a customer payment and apply it against an invoice with QuickBooks Online. This QuickGuide shows you how.

Let QuickBooks Online help you manage and paying bills seamlessly.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Enter a bill.
  • Enter a full or partial payment.
  • Review supplier accounts.

This QuickGuide outlines the steps for entering general journal entries and special accounting transactions.

QuickBooks Online can help you record sales in real time using sales receipts.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Create sales receipts
  • Set up a recurring sales receipt

Invite an accounting professional to your account.
Help you save time and money.

Save time and gain peace of mind that your payroll records are up-to-date and complete pay information is at your fingertips.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Sign up and activate QuickBooks Online Payroll
  • Prepare to set up and use QuickBooks Online Payroll

Preparing your company for payroll helps make sure everything is set up correctly and flows smoothly.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Access and adjust payroll settings.
  • Set up pay schedules.
  • Set up vacation and sick time policies.
  • Set other company information to ensure an accurate payroll.

The ROE provides a record of employment for your employees including how long they worked and how much they earned while employed by your business.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Access and generate the Record of Employment.

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to process payroll for regular pay schedules as well as for exception pay runs such as commission, bonus and termination pay.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Pay your employees
  • Make adjustments and print paystubs
  • Print paycheques
  • Issue out-of-cycle paycheques

QuickBooks Online Payroll makes it easy to track and file your payroll liabilities, and submit the required forms.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Set up company payroll tax information.
  • Pay taxes and other liabilities.
  • Enter tax history (if necessary).
  • Access common payroll reports and forms.

T4 forms are the yearly forms that report your employees’ wages and taxes withheld for the year.

This QuickGuide will show you how to:

  • Prepare and print T4s
  • Print the T4 summary

Let us show you the way!
New to QuickBooks? Our training videos highlight some of the most popular QuickBooks Online features.

Creating, sharing, and customizing reports has never been easier. Find out how by watching this video.

Need help keeping your receipts organized? See the many ways QuickBooks can help you by watching this quick video.

These days business happens everywhere: at home, in the office, or on the go. QuickBooks lets you take your business and run with it because all your data automatically syncs across your devices. Learn how you can stay updated and take care of your customers' needs faster and easier by watching this video.

QuickBooks gives you a clear picture of your sales and expenses and reduces the need for data entry by downloading sales and expense transactions right from your bank. Find out more by watching this video.