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Listen: Intuit Leadership on the Financial Post

Gene Lewis On (18:30)
In the Leaders Series, Gene discusses Intuit's recent survey of Canadian entrepreneur attitudes in the current economy.

Barb Anderson On (23:49)
Barb discusses the key financial info you need for business success in Canada - and the payoff of centralizing your financial data.


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NEW! Resources for Managing HST

What Does HST Mean For You?
March 27, 2010. Includes what you should do in advance of the HST transition and special areas for consideration. Read the article

HST Demystified: Transitional Rules
March 25, 2010. Includes HST rules of thumb - regardless of where you're located in Canada - and HST impact on consumers. Read the article

BC & ON Businesses Prepare for HST
March 14, 2010. An overview of what HST is, how it affects busineses & what steps to take to prepare for it. Read the article


Starting Your Business in Canada

Business Startup Help: Don't Worry. Take Comfort. And Take Action!
August 19, 2010. 130,000 small businesses start up in Canada each year – are you one of them? If so, you might be familiar with the insecurities of taking the entrepreneurial challenge. Read the article

Small Business Financing: How Start-Ups Can Find Financing
June 02, 2010. Tech start-ups and new businesses with real operating costs - like buying inventory or leasing a building - may find themselves in need of funding. See some options for Canadian small businesses. Read the article

Strapped For Family Time & Funds? Start A Home Business
February 21, 2010. Raising a family and running a business are both full-time jobs. Moreover, many Canadians struggle with finances in this period of downturn and office space can be one of the most costly expenses for a newly started business. Read the article

Starting A Business? Discover The 3-Step Formula For Success
February 14, 2010. Have you always dreamed about owning your own business? Maybe you see yourself starting up a book shop, or you might be more of a tech buff who wants an online company. Read the article


Managing Your Small Business Finances

Managing Cash Flow Made Simple: 3 Top Tips To Keep Track Of Cash
February 28, 2010. Start a new business recently? Or maybe you've been running a company for years. Either way, cash flow issues could hold you back from the level of success you deserve - or, worse, put you out of business entirely. Read the article

Tax Tip

Tax Tips: Four Easy Ways to Reduce Your Self-Employment and Small Business Taxes
April 22, 2010. At tax time, finding all your allowable deductions will help you keep more money in your business. Learn how you can get back every penny you deserve. Read the article

Home Business Tax Deductions: Tax Basics for Home Offices
April 15, 2010. Understand your tax deduction options as a business owner in Canada - and make sense of the grey areas. PLUS! Links to more tax tips. Read the article

Growing Your Small Business, Marketing/PR & Managing Customers

Business-to-Business Networking: Can your Chamber of Commerce help you grow your business?
May 31, 2010. The Chamber of Commerce can be a valuable resource for making business contacts, getting known within the community, and realizing your business’s growth potential. Read the article

Attention Seasonal Businesses: You Too Can Have a 12 Month Growing Cycle
May 10, 2010. There are challenges to earning the bulk of your profits at key times of the year. But with innovation and foresight you can get the most out of quiet times while capitalizing on peak periods. Read the article

Women Entrepreneurs, Work-Life Balance: Here Are 8 Steps to Equalize Work and Life
May 3, 2010. According to Stats Canada, women entrepreneurs are a growing economic force. Balancing work & life can be difficult for women who continue to run their homes, as well. Here are a few steps to get what you want. Read the article

Small Business Marketing Tips: Your Small Business Just Got Bigger!
April 29, 2010. Tried-and-tested marketing choices are the best bet for small Canadian businesses. Here are five effective ways to promote yourself and get results. Read the article

PR Tips - Get Small Business Press
April 24, 2010. Your local news media can be an invaluable way to promote your small business. A press release, properly written and formatted, can catch an editor’s attention and earn you some publicity – for free. Read the article

How To Grow A Successful Business: 3 Tips For Expansion
March 12, 2010. With recent economic turmoil, some entrepreneurs worry it will be hard to keep small businesses from receding, too. But failing to capitalize on opportunities to grow your company into a successful business might be a greater threat. Read the article

Got Cash Flow Issues? Get Paid Faster With These 4 Fool-Proof Tips
February 7, 2010. Need to get paid? You're not alone. Late customer payments are an ongoing challenge for many Canadian businesses. But your small business doesn't have to accept it - especially if late payments are impacting your liquidity. Read the article


Recruiting, Managing & Hiring Employees

Best Practices in Retention: Hiring for the Long Term
April 19, 2010. Smart HR practices are essential for small business owners. Good help can be hard to find - and what about help that sticks around? Read the article

All of the following articles are written by ClearFit (2010), creators of software that makes hiring easy for small businesses in Canada & the US.

Sifting Through The Resume Avalanche

Disastrous Hires - How To Avoid Them... And What To Do If You Don't

10 Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Your Employees


Business Book Reviews

All interviews & book reviews are by Chris Taylor, Editor-In-Chief of Goose Educational Media, a company dedicated to simplifying the core messages of leading business & personal development books - and helping you act on those messages to help your business succeed.

Before You Quit Your Job

"Before You Quit Your Job"
By Robert T. Kiyosaki

An entrepreneur's job begins before a business even exists - so how do you get started right? Read the review of this "little known gem" packed with lessons that you can easily apply to build your business on the right foundation and commit to its success. Read the review

"Good to Great"
By Jim Collins

"What becomes abundantly clear in reading Good to Great is that there is no secret program, no 'right timing' or 'good luck' that was singlehandedly responsible for the success of any of the companies analyzed in this book." Read the review

Good to Great
Never Eat Alone

"Never Eat Alone"
Keith Ferrazzi

A single resource for improving the way you network! Read the review that summarizes the best tips in this book, which is "a timeless classic, destined to be remembered alongside Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People". Read the review

"Purple Cow"
Seth Godin

Are you trying to setup and establish a remarkable business? - a business that stands out from the rest and captures attention? This review of the short but powerful read that is Purple Cow will help you begin to look at your business in a whole new light. Read this review

Purple Cow
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

"The Five Dysfunctions of a Team"
Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni writes that success "is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory, but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence." What might that mean for your team? Read this review